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BQ_5515L_MT6739_20180409_8.1.0. Firmware Flash Files

* before start flashing  if possibale take backup firmware from running phone, if phone already dead than do flash

* After downloading any firmware (flash file) from Firmware.BrothersTelecom.com, be sure that you have completely read and understood the flashing instructions for that particular device firmware. You can leave the page open in a different tab while you open a new tab to download the flash file

All stock firmware distributed by Leakite are safe for your PC, tablet and phone. If your antivirus program detects any file downloaded from here to be virus infected, please click here to report the file to us. Do not forget to indicate the download link, or link to this page.

If there is any firmware you need and did not find it in any of our collection, contact us or post in comments section of the previous page to bring to our notice. We will do our best to include it in our next update. Please be sure to use the search option first, to verify that the flash file does not exist on our website already.

 If you download ota update package (update.zip firmware), be aware that it might not successfully flash on a rooted phone. On some devices if it successfully flash, the device will be soft-bricked. Some devices though will boot just fine after the update.


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